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There is always scope for the financial industry due to its necessity in the world. Sai Infosys ensures our students are well versed in the sector and attain success. In Sai Infosys, we cover all the topics related to finance field along with Tally Course in Chennai.

Tally Classes in Chennai can be scheduled as per your competency. Moreover, make sure the trainer's availability before the commencement of classes in advance. Tally is highly booming and stable course for both fresher and experienced professionals. The roles that you can try after the completion of Tally Classes in Chennai are:

 Admin executive

 Accounts executive

 Audit executive

 Financial analyst

 Account manager

 Senior Accountant

Sai Infosys is very friendly with respect to teaching hence you will not find it difficult to approach the trainers in case of any doubts. Our trainers will provide with all the necessary study materials and coaching related to Tally Training in Chennai.

Course Description

Tally is a widely bused software in the finance sector, which is used for accounting. Even though it has many features included in it, but it is popular as accounting software. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is the latest release in Tally, which made the greatest evolution in the financial sector.

You will be getting thorough knowledge in the accounting process, generating and printing of reports & invoices along with the recording transactions. Once you undergo Tally Course in Chennai there are many gateways available for you amidst them the leading ones are listed below:





 Auditing & Banking inventory

 Profit analysis


 Fundamentals of accounting

 Intro to Tally.erp 9

 Mastering in Tally ERP 9

 Inventory masters in Tally ERP 9

 Vouchers entries

 Advance accounting

 Advanced Inventory

 Taxes in Tally ERP 9

 Service tax

 Payroll accounting

 Report generation in Tally ERP 9


The different types of digitalized data come from the tally software, invoice details through excel and the billing software. Let us deep dive in to the topic that how to deal with the GST. If the client is using the old version of tally then it is not possible to export the GSTR-1. The raw data are posted in excel and then submitted to the calculation of tax. Under this condition the tax calculations goes with the excel sheet or can create the GSTR-1. The extra details like the GSTIN number and place of supply should be added to the excel which is a tedious job. In case of the billing software it is the same scenario and if the excel format is submitted to the GST portal then the client will end up with paying late fee as the portal will reject the details. To handle such concerns the error detection is used in the Tally ERP 9 after transferring the data from the excel sheet of the client. The rejection from the GSTN portal and the time is also saved. Join the Tally Course in Chennai at Sai Infosys to start the accounting career with a detailed knowledge about the different concepts used in accounting.

The sales voucher, purchase voucher, receipt voucher, payment voucher, journal voucher, contra voucher, debit note voucher, credit note voucher, inventory vouchers like physical stock verification, delivery note and receipt note voucher, material in and material out voucher, order vouchers like purchase order and sales order are the different types of vouchers in tally. These vouchers are used to record the day to day transaction of the business. Let us see in detail about the advantages and the tips to be used for using tally in recording and finalizing the accounts. Sai Infosys is the number one institute for the Tally Classes in Chennai as the trainers are from big corporates with practical knowledge from handling big figures.

Advantages of Tally

Security of data recorded in the tally is maintained as the access is limited only to the owners of the business. Join Tally Training in Chennai to promote the skills with a formatted learning from the best institute.

Easy to understand the operations of tally

The formatted form gives solutions to the management of the inventory and accounting processes of the company.

Provide solution to the management of the payroll.

Provides access the data through online from anywhere

Calculate the profits and the taxation.

Gives access to documents with less time.

Aids for the audit of the company

With the help of tally it is easy to do the customization with the data.

The master ledgers are created automatically with the help of the journals recorded.

The smooth working of the tally will not stick on during working process. Tally Course in Chennai is advised to the students after completing the finance graduation and before attending the interview for the accounts.

Maintenance Of Accounts

The maintenance of accounts for pre GST and post GST periods are essential to check the accuracy of the accounting figures. The calculation can be like April to June and July to March. Tally Classes in Chennai gives the knowledge of the different businesses and operations to make the students to understand the terminologies in tally.

The GST regime will help for knowing the transitional credit. As a pre planning for the submission of the return some documents have to be maintained like six months returns, GST TRAN1 copy, tax bills, copy of invoices, the summary of the stock from inventory, and GST TRAN to be filed on date.

Reconciliation of books is essential to maintain the accuracy. The GSTR 2A will provide the details of purchases and easy to check the accuracy of the books. Tally Training in Chennai makes the job search easy and provides huge opportunities to the students.

Adjusting the differences becomes easy if there is regular checking. GSTR 3B is used for adjusting the cash ledger, liability of accounts, credit ledger and books of accounts.

Timely payments can be made with the ITC option. The payment should be made within the time frame of 180 days and if not then ITC is not available. The time or ageing of the creditors and debtors are essential parts to focus.

HSN code digit should be of 2 digit in case of turn over with a slab of 1.5 crores to 5 crore. If it is above 5 crores then the code is of 4 digits. If the turnover is below 1.5 crore then HSN code is not provided. If the turnover is above 1.5 crores then monthly return is expected and if the turnover is less than 1.5 crores then quarterly return is required. Join the Tally Training in Chennai to enhance the practical skills to use the tally software.

If the business has plans to close then the registration can be cancelled with the tally.

The changes in the pattern of accounts like the invoicing or billing then it can be done with the new series with in the time given.

If the depreciation cost is provided with the ITC then it should be omitted when calculating the asset value.

The comparison of the profits over the past years is compared and the credits from the profits should be communicated to the customers. Tally Course in Chennai with the best institute will take your career to the next level and aid for the promotion with the internal management.

Tally software provides the support center to the users by which they can directly post the queries related to the usage of the tally. The flexibility and the scalability of the tally software help to promote the different types of businesses. The auditor edition helps for the auditors to analyses the changes from time to time. Join Sai Infosys for the Tally Classes in Chennai and become a constant follower of the changes in the tally software.

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